Posted by David Manzi on Oct 24, 2019

Special guest speaker, Lauren Baker, and Veterans Service Dog Project. District 7930 awarded a service dog to a former combat United States Marine who was injured. The Boston 7 club has donated $1,000 toward the service dog's training for this hero.

Boston Rotary#7 nominated Steven Godfrey as an Unsung hero in our community!


Boston Rotary #7 nominated Steven Godfrey for the Unsung Hero Award because Steven is one of our Greatest National Treasurers.  He eats, sleeps, and breathes service. He is a Marine, State Police Officer, and extraordinary supporter of the Fisher House of Boston as well as many other military charities. To Steve, all of this is "normal", it's what he feels he should do. He prefers to honor and be the "lights and sirens" for others, and never for himself. His continuous selfless service to our country and our veterans makes Steven Godfrey a true Unsung Hero. Steve is a former combat Marine who served with distinction with Second Platoon, Company C, Battalion Landing Team 1/8, 24th Marine Amphibious Unit in Beirut Lebanon. Currently, Steve is an Executive Officer with the Massachusetts State Police Motorcycle Unit and a member of the Mass State Police Dive Team.