Bill Cleary, speaker   
PLAN VS. CRISIS: Complexities of Aging and Care
1.  The emotional aspects of aging and care
2.  The physical aspects of aging and care
3.  The financial aspects of aging and care
4.  The legal aspects of aging and care
5.  The family conversation
6.  All the options for care
7.  The cost of care
8.  What Medicare and Medicaid cover?
9.  The actualities of a “Nursing Home”
10. And much more...
Bill Cleary and his wife Lisa have lived in the Boston area our entire lives. He spent 25 years in the financial industry working with many wonderful, caring people. His wife Lisa is a Registered Nurse at Newton Wellesley Hospital. Together, they make a great team. For the past several years, his siblings have been caring for their mom who is 91. Up until recently, she was active and independent — painting her house, cooking up a storm, and vacationing with friends. After recent hip surgery, things started to change, whether that was her ability to drive or simply remember our nightly call. We’d get off the phone with her only to hear it ring again in a few minutes. With our mother, deciding it was time for a nursing home was hard enough. Choosing which nursing home was even harder. It’s a daunting and emotionally trying process, especially when there’s such a lack of options or advice. After struggling through the process with my own mother, we knew there had to be a better way. There’s a perfect place out there – a great match that will allow your loved one to receive the best care and quality of life.