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Suneel Dhand spoke about the fascinating science behind healthier living.
"Feel great, energetic and ready to take on the world: Fascinating science behind healthier living"

We’ve all heard the advice: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, take in more whole grains, get outdoors, exercise, try to be positive… It all sounds very familiar. However, what isn’t always apparent is the actual scientific evidence behind the recommendations. Unfortunately, modern medicine is too much about treating disease rather than prevention and health promotion. This talk will give you an idea of the medical science that underlies your level of wellness and the compelling reasons for incorporating healthier habits into your daily lifestyle. Whether we’re talking about lowering your chances of illness, feeling more energetic, or simply getting a better night's sleep—enable yourself to feel great by making some simple and natural everyday choices that will dramatically improve your well-being. From what you are eating to how you are thinking, steps that will leave you feeling healthier, happier and empowered.Dr. Suneel Dhand is board-certified in internal medicine. He was born in London and grew up in Berkshire, England. Suneel went to medical school at Cardiff University and then moved across the pond, completing his internal medicine residency in Baltimore, Maryland. He currently lives in Boston, and practices as a hospital medicine physician. Suneel held a faculty position with the University of Massachusetts Medical School as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, regularly teaching medical residents and students. He has authored numerous articles in clinical medicine that have been published in leading medical journals, covering a wide range of specialty areas. He has also authored chapters in the “5-Minute Clinical Consult” medical textbook. His other main area of interest is preventive medicine and wellness, and he is the author of two well-being books; High Percentage Wellness Steps, and the historical fiction book, Thomas Jefferson: Lessons from a Secret Buddha.