Jason Gardner present: Mindfulness and Magic
We all know the benefits of magic and if you do not then you need to see a GREAT magician!!
With Mindfulness, here are some of the good things it can bring to your life: Mindfulness helps us create space between the emotions we have and the actions we use to respond to them. Mindfulness helps us focus. Mindfulness can make us feel better emotionally and physically.
The physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness have all been documented. 
Benefits such as;
- Decreased stress and anxiety
- Improved health
- Better sleep
- Improved focus and awareness
- Better problem solving
- Improved impulse control
- Increased compassion and kindness
- Stronger relationships
- Altruism
- Connection with God/Higher Power
- And even higher life satisfaction
Jason will be talking and performing with the intention to educate, entertain and inspire!