Bill Beach has worked in the sports industry for over 10 years, focusing most of his career on corporate partnerships, an area that is significantly impacted by Name, Image, and Likeness rules in college athletics.
Name, Image, and Likeness, or NIL, have taken the sports industry by storm. After years of debate and legal battles including "O'Bannon vs. NCAA" and "NCAA vs. Alston", college athletes at all levels are now able to monetize their personal brand. The sudden implementation of these new rights coupled with a relative lack of regulation from federal/state legislators, schools, and the NCAA, still leave many asking where the lines are, while also creating new branches of the sports industry. Bill Beach is the Manager of Business Development for IdeaQuest, LLC, a boutique sports and entertainment marketing agency. He has spent most of his career working in corporate partnerships at both the league and agency levels, as well as having worked in minor league baseball as a ticket salesman. Bill is a 2020 member of Boston Rotary Club #7 and graduated from Ohio University with an MBA and Masters in Sports Administration in 2013.