John Ribeiro is the Chairman of the Committee to Repeal the Casino Deal.  The Committee was formed in November 2011, in response to the passage and signing into law of the "Expanded Gaming Act."
Massachusetts is the 39th state to legalize casino gambling in the country.  The evidence is overwhelming that casinos do not provide an economic boost for their host communities.  The industry is in decline across the country and they enjoy a parasitic relationship with the states that welcome them.  The very character and culture of Boston, Massachusetts and the region will be put at risk, if casinos are allowed to open.  
Before one casino opens its doors, the Massachusetts Gambling Commission has created a mess of the entire selection process.  The whole roll-out has been embroiled in controversy. 
Two of the gubernatorial candidates have a different take on the pending referendum.  They might have had some coaching from some of their key advisers.  
Massachusetts voters will have the opportunity, on November 4th, to stop casinos before they can even get started.  John will share what he's learned about how casinos impact communities and why we should vote to repeal this flawed law before they gain a foothold in our Commonwealth.