Social distancing creates all sorts of stressors on working relationships. Learn a few tips that you can use to ensure you interact with your co-workers, club members, or anyone else, with grace and empathy. Small changes in the way you communicate can have a long-lasting impact on the connection you have with those you value the most.



Shari Storm has been a member of the Rotary Club of Emerald City since 2006.

She spent 16 years as an executive at a credit union and now CEO of a Category 6 consulting company. 

Her book, Motherhood is the New MBA: Using Your Parenting Skills to be a Better Boss was published by St. Martin’s Press.

With almost 20,000 copies sold, it has been translated and published in China and was purchased for publication in Brazil.

She speaks around the country on a variety of topics. You can also see her TEDx talk on her website:

Shari is from Edmonds, WA with her movie-making husband, three teenage daughters, and a dog named Cedar.