Reverend Denise DeSimone is an author, motivational and inspirational public speaker, and workshop leader, with an extensive background in Interfaith Ministry, and a wide range of holistic healing practices.  Denise's first book, From Stage IV to Center Stage is an extraordinary story of courage, strength and inspiration.  Her story is one of extraordinary courage, strength, and deep spirituality. 
Her journey began the moment she opened her eyes in a post-op ward to  the words, “You have cancer. A very aggressive cancer in your  throat/neck and you need to move on this immediately.” Within days of  receiving this news she was given 3 months to live.That was 7 years ago! 
Denise approached her cancer treatment using her own unique  combination of alternative therapies, music, allopathic medicine, a deep  belief in “the possible”, and God. She is not just surviving she  is thriving.  From Stage IV to Center Stage- singing the national  anthem at Boston’s Fenway  Park prior to a Red Sox game - this is a  story everyone must hear for none amongst us will escape loving someone  who has been touched by disease. The trajectory of her life has shifted  tremendously as she is now an ordained Interfaith Minister. She travels  the country extensively offering ceremony, speaking, and teaching  workshops.  Denise lives in the moment -- continually open to what God  has in store for her next.  In her own words: "Every day is a gift and each day I open this gift with a heart full of gratitude."