Stephen McBride is running to be a new and bold advocate for Dorchester, Roxbury, South Boston, and the South End. At only 31, he has chosen to challenge a ten-year incumbent because the status quo is no longer working for his community. District 3 deserves accessible and accountable representation. Looking ahead is not enough - we must also reckon with the policies and institutions that have led us to where we are. There is an acceptance of the status quo from our current city councilor that has left too many of our neighbors and friends behind. Stephen is running on a platform that champions an equitable COVID-19 recovery; every child's access to a fully funded public school; and safe, stable, and affordable housing, while centering racial and climate justice at every turn. Stephen is running for office because he has a fundamentally different view of the changes our community needs than the person currently in this role. Stephen believes that the City Council should be here to push for structural change. And that's why he wants to be District 3's next city councilor.